5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Without Leaving the House

If you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate Christmas without leaving the house, then here are 5 ways to spread some cheer while social distancing.

After a long and challenging year, I’m more than ready to celebrate Christmas Eve with the ones I love.

After all, Christmas is one of the most wonderful time of the year! Gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, Christmas markets, and plenty of holiday cheer.

But given the current situation, you and many other families may have to stay home this year, and that’s OK.

5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Without Leaving the House

How to Celebrate Christmas At Home

1. Have a Family At-Home Spa Night

The weather outside is pretty cold, which means now is the perfect time to set up a relaxing at-home spa night for the whole family.

Have everyone slip into their coziest bathrobes and slippers.

Order an oil diffuser or some scented candles from Bath & Bodyworks to set up the ambiance.

Tons of holiday candle sets will instantly spread some holiday cheer.

Make sure to get a few face masks or a relaxing eucalyptus foot scrub to treat yourself.

Make a cheerful playlist, and have everyone take turns massaging each other’s hands while you watch your favorite Christmas movies.

VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to go all out, order a foot massager and foot soak, and take turns soaking up your feet with a nice cup of tea or a Christmas snack. 

Suggested products for this session include:-

HoMedics® Shiatsu Bliss Footbath with Heat Boost

HoMedics® Shiatsu Bliss Footbath with Heat Boost

Solimo Epsom Salt Soaking Aid, Eucalyptus Scented

Solimo Epsom Salt Soaking Aid, Eucalyptus Scented

2. Bake Some Christmas Goodies and Share

Gather the whole family together and have a sweet baking party. Make a few treats like cookies and cupcakes.

Then, wrap them up in a nice decorative box (you can buy them HERE if you don’t have any at home!). 

Deliver it to your friends, a nursing home, or a children’s hospital to put a smile on people’s faces during the holidays.

12pack Christmas Treats Gift Box

3. Do a Letter Exchange at Midnight

Get some festive stationery paper like these ones and a pen.

Have everyone sit down and write a meaningful letter to each family member a week before Christmas.

Then as the clock strikes midnight, exchange the letters so everyone knows how much they’re loved.

Holiday Letterhead Stationery

4. Have a Wreath Making Party

You may want to throw this wreath-making party a week before the big day, but you can do it anytime.

If your family loves arts and crafts, then make a day of it! Make sure there’s a large table where everyone can work comfortably.

Use cheap plastic table cloths to cover and protect the table from spills and scratches.

A few days before the day, get all the necessary supplies such as glue guns, glue, wire cutters, wreath forms, flowers, pine cones, bows, ornaments, lace, and other decorative objects.

Set up a snacks and beverages table so everyone can help themselves and play your favorite Christmas music to set the mood. 

Here are some videos that show how to make a holiday wreath at home:-

5. Have a Fondue Party

Melt some Swiss cheese on a fondue pot over a portable stove and then take turns dipping bread, veggies, or meat into the cheese.

You can also do this with chocolate and dip some cut fruit like apples or bananas.

You can also dip cookies, cereal bars, keto fat bombs, nuts, almonds, and cookies.

This fondue set for 6 persons is perfect for a fondue party at home.

MasterClass Artesà Hammered 6-Persons Fondue Set

Though it’s tough being at home so much during this period, we can all get through it by staying active and engaging in fun activities.

Happy Holidays!

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