4 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Have you ever thought about the amount of waste you produce by wrapping presents on Christmas or for other occasions?

It’s as much as 4 million tons. You can try to reduce that a bit this year by engaging in eco-friendly gift wrapping.

In this article, I’ve gathered a list of creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas that you can make use of instead of the traditional wrapping paper.

You can be eco-friendly and also enjoy Christmas like you usually do.

Best gift wrapping ideas without a box

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas Without a Box


Almost everyone has old newspapers laying around the house doing nothing.

It is time to make use of them in a nicer way instead of just getting rid of them.

Newspapers can be used as a creative gift wrapping alternative for the usual wrapping paper.

Finish off with some beautiful ribbons or rustic twine and you have a gorgeous gift in your hands!

Eco friendly gift wrapping with newspapers

Cereal Boxes or Other Grocery Boxes

You might find some old cardboard boxes in the house from stuff you bought a while ago.

You can repurpose those boxes for Christmas gifts and send them to your loved ones.

You can use newspaper or something else to cover the brand name and other details on the box and use it for Christmas gift wrapping.

This is also a smart idea to reuse stuff that you already have for an eco-friendly purpose. 

Remember those boxes Amazon ships your stuff in? Keep them and repurpose them as gift boxes throughout the year.

Old Clothing Material

Clothes are generally donated once they are too old or you’ve had them too long.

Instead of doing that, you can use some of the material as eco-friendly Christmas gift wrapping.

You can take materials like scarves, old t-shirts, etc, and look up online tutorials about how to use them to wrap presents.

It gives a unique touch to your wrapping and also enables you to reuse old clothes to wrap Christmas gifts.

Gift Wrapping With Old Clothing Material

Using Eco-friendly Alternatives for Gift Bags

Brown Kraft bags are another thing people use to package presents instead of gift bags.

However, you can find a better replacement for those as well. You can purchase gift bags made of eco-friendly material from the market.

Some great recommendations include Reusable Canvas Bags and these Burlap Drawstring Bags.

Zero waste gift bags for the holidays

Spend time to compare the environmental impact that all those options have and choose the best one.

You can also switch to fabric bags to send your gifts.

While everyone around the world is trying to make this a better place for our future generations, it is essential to see how you can contribute to this change as well.

I hope these Christmas gift wrapping ideas give you enough substitutes to choose from.

Happy Holidays!

4 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

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