How to Do Christmas on a Budget

With the recent downturn, many people are worried about how they will fund Christmas and general holiday spending this year.

Fortunately, it is possible to have an enjoyable Christmas without breaking the bank.

Christmas has traditionally been associated with expensive gifts, days spent trawling malls, and dining tables groaning with rich, decadent delights.

Unfortunately, in many households, this year will be slightly different.

The pandemic has brought on redundancies, frozen pay raises, and greater feelings of insecurity when it comes to employment and finances.

Fewer people are prepared to spend large amounts of money on the festive season.

Best Ways to Do Christmas on a Budget

Best Ideas for Christmas on a Budget

Can Christmas Dinner Be Cheap and Cheerful?

A delicious Christmas dinner does not have to cost the earth. There are several things you can do to ensure costs are kept low.

Don’t leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. Pick up bargains when you see them. Most things can be frozen until they are needed.

When shopping for meat, give your local butchers a try instead of the supermarket as they can be significantly cheaper.

Some butchers will also give you a discount if you buy in bulk.

If you have enough room, try growing your fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Cultivating your own food is highly cost-effective and a lot of fun.

Make your sauces and gravy instead of buying them in bottles and jars.

As well as tasting better, homemade cranberry and bread sauce will cost much less than pre-made products.

Buy chocolate, nuts, and other Christmas snacks in bulk. Also, avoid pricy brands. No-one will know the difference once they are in a bowl.

DIY your desserts. Turn cake and pudding making into a family activity by involving the children.

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Ideas

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

There is no need to spend huge amounts of money on Christmas presents.

The majority of individuals are content simply to have something to unwrap.

Additionally, most people, particularly children, will not judge presents on the price paid.

More importance is placed on the amount of thought that is put into selecting a gift that matches the recipient’s personality and preferences.

The following gift ideas are ideal for those that don’t have hundreds – thousands to spend:-

  • A photo calendar like this one features favorite memories from the year.
  • A leather-bound journal like this one is a great gift for a budding writer.
  • Board games like Monopoly and Jumbo Sequence are a fantastic budget option. Added bonus – they bring friends and family together.
  • For a female friend or relative, a beauty spa gift basket or bath bombs set can be a winning choice. They help the recipient to relax and rewind, something that most people will appreciate in these pandemic times. They also enable you to set a specific budget.

Organic and Natural Bath Bombs Bath Bombs Set

  • DIY Christmas cards, involving the rest of the family, if possible. Children will love decorating the cards with stars, glitter, and a variety of other decorations. Plus, everybody appreciates a handmade gift or card.
  • You can also consider subscription boxes. Subscription boxes can be a one-off gift item, monthly, quarterly or yearly. View some awesome subscription boxes in health, beauty , self-care, fitness and more HERE.

Remember to plan ahead when searching for gifts. Picking presents up at sales or on auction sites such as eBay throughout the year can save a lot of money.

A digital gift organizer can be a great companion when it comes to planning out gift-giving for the year.

Download this free Christmas Planner printable pack for this purpose.

The digital organizer also includes a Christmas budget planner and printable.

Subscription Boxes for Everyone

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Festive Activities Without Breaking The Bank

Christmas often means trips, shows, and winter holidays.

When money is tight, these pricier activities are not always an option. However, with a little creativity, plenty of festive fun can still be had.

Father Christmas at the Mall

Visit Father Christmas at your local shopping mall. There is usually no charge unless you want a photo.

Additionally, young children will love the opportunity to share their Christmas wishes with Santa Claus.

Light Tour

Pile your family into the car and take them on a Christmas light tour around the local neighborhood.

Christmas Movie Night

Netflix and chill with as many seasonal films as you can, cook up some popcorn and snuggle up in front of the television.

Amazon Prime Video also has an awesome holiday movie collection.

Even though times are tougher this year, Christmas can be just as enjoyable as it has always been.

A more modest holiday can be as much fun as a hugely expensive, over-the-top one.

Happy Holidays!

Best Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

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