Where Can I Purchase Indigo for Hair Dyeing in Dubai?

This is a continuation of the earlier articles on dyeing hair with natural methods, which are better and preserve the integrity and health of your hair.

You can read the earlier articles on how to dye hair naturally at:-

Best brands of indigo powder for dyeing hair

Subsequently, I have received a lot of emails from ladies who would like to try the henna and indigo method but can’t locate indigo powder anywhere.

I decided to write a separate article and compile the best places to buy indigo as well as the best brands of indigo powder:-

Where to Buy Indigo Powder?


You can buy indigo directly on Amazon UAE HERE. Free shipping is provided if you spend over AED 100.

If you’re located outside Dubai, you can buy it on Amazon US website HERE. You can also find indigo powder on iHerb (worldwide shipping).

My favorite brands of indigo powder include:-

Oladole Natural Organic Indigo Powder

where to buy indigo powder in Dubai

Etheric Indigo Powder

Elemensis Naturals Organic Indigo Powder

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Remember you don’t necessarily need indigo to dye your hair but it does enrich the color from henna.

It also prevents your hair from turning flaming red/orange after repeated uses of henna only for dyeing.

However, if you have jet black hair, you can dye your hair with indigo only but it won’t be as vibrant as using henna first or mixing henna and indigo.

Finally, you can mix and match henna and indigo powder to achieve different hair colors.

For more on this, have a look at How Do I Mix Henna and Indigo for Brown Hair?

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    We got indigo powder from a shop in old Dubai souq near creek and it is yellowish green in color. There is no label on it. I am not sure if we got the right thing so can you tell me how to recognise indigo powder by looks, color, and smell?


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