Dye Grey Hair Naturally with these 2 Damage Free Methods, Part 1 – Henna & Mustard Seed Oil

You can get a variety of commercial hair dyes in most supermarkets or pharmacies but most of these dyes contain harsh chemicals.

These harsh chemicals can cause dry hair, breakage and split ends. Some people have also been known to react to the chemicals in the dyes by developing scalp conditions.

The good news is there are natural and healthy alternatives to commercial hair dyes.

You can achieve commercial hair dye results with two simple methods. I will discuss these methods over in separate posts starting with henna and mustard seed oil.

How to dye hair with henna and mustard seed oil

Henna and mustard seed oil is the simplest method of the two and you only need 2 ingredients for this recipe. 

Henna and Mustard Seed Oil for Grey Hair


Natures Choice Mustard Oil

Etheric Herbal Henna Powder


  • Heat up a pan or wok then pour in the mustard seed oil. Don’t worry about stains. They come right out afterwards with regular dishwashing soap.
  • Once the mustard seed oil is warm, add in the henna powder and stir several times with a plastic spatula. This prevents clumps from forming.
  • Leave on for about 30 – 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes.
  • Remove the pan from the stove and set aside to cool a little bit.
  • Strain the mix through a piece of cheesecloth and pour into a glass jar. Add the lavender essential oil and stir.
  • Store in a cool place. The mixture should yield enough liquid to use for 8 – 12 weeks.

Your mixture should look something like below when you’re done:

dye hair with henna and mustard seed oil

How to Use

  • Spread the oil thinly onto your scalp then massage into your scalp and smoothen through the length of your tresses 2 – 3 times a week, focusing on the grey areas.
  • If you have oily hair and scalp, cover hair with a disposable cap leave on overnight then wash out the next morning with a diluted mild shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment.

The smell is herb-ish and slightly smokey but should be fine for those with sensitive noses.

If you don’t still find the smell too strong, you can add 10 drops of vanilla oil or 5 drops of jasmine absolute as well.

By the way, if you don’t have grey hair, you can still use this mixture to help with strengthening hair and enhancing your natural colour.

If you stop using the mixture, the effects will eventually wear off over a few weeks to months so this isn’t a permanent solution but neither are chemical dyes.

The only difference being this method is gentler and less harmful to the hair. Read about the second method with henna powder and indigo HERE.

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