Conquering the Almighty Brunch & Various Buffets in Dubai

If you’ve been in Dubai for any amount of time, I assume your waistline saw better days before you arrived.

Between the brunches and decadent buffets, it’s really hard for a girl to get a handle on the arrival of the muffin top into her life.

10 ways to stop overeating at brunch

I, for one, have a relentless addiction to desserts. I might eat 1 piece of item from the entire menu but I’ll consume 100 items from the dessert section without thinking about it.

I have managed to still stay in shape though by engaging various methods.

If you’re not keen on avoiding brunches and buffets all together, here are a couple of things you can do which will help keep the spread of your waistline in check:

10 Ways to Stop Overeating at Brunch

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Have a normal healthy breakfast before you leave for brunch especially if you plan to be there the whole day.

If you don’t, your subconscious will tell you you’re dying from hunger and you’ll overcompensate by eating mindlessly.

2. Sit Far Away

Sit far away from the buffet stations. If you have to make a trip for it, you’re less likely to overeat.

3. Pace Yourself

Don’t blackout from the sight of so much delicious food. Start slowly with a salad or some hummus and bread.

4. Downsize Plates

Use the small side plates for any serving. Leave the gigantic ones where they are. They encourage overeating.

5. Munch Slowly

Eat your food slowly. Take your time with the food.

6. Drink Lemon Water

I sip a lot of water in-between eating, which fills me up quickly. Add a slice of lemon to the water to also aid digestion.

7. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Pace yourself here too. Make each glass of alcohol last at least an hour before ordering another one or stop at one and drink lemon water for the rest of the brunch.

Alcohol will lower your defences and make you think you’re impervious to calories. Here’s a quick guide on the calorie content in alcohol.

8. Don’t Forget the Gym

Try to make it to the gym a few times the following week or a 30 – 45 minute walk several times during the week.

9. Make Up for it Rest of the Week

Eat healthy meals at least twice a day for the rest of the week following the brunch to counter what you ate.

10. Space Out Brunches

You don’t have to go to brunch every weekend. Space them out. Once or twice a month should suffice plus you save money.

Say No to Mr Muffin Top!

Doing all of the above will save you a ton of weight in the long run and you still get to enjoy the brunches and buffets anyway.

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