Best Cleansing Clay for Hair

I shared the benefits of bentonite clay for hair in The Best Natural Alternative to Traditional Shampoo.

I also shared a simple bentonite clay recipe for hair in that article and where to buy bentonite clay.

However, I received a few emails asking about the different types of clay, and if any type of clay can be used for hair.

I compiled this post in answer to those emails. You should be able to make your own cleansing clay recipes for hair after reading both articles.

The Different Types of Clay

There are several brands of clay but the most popular ones are what I cover in this write-up plus which of them is best for hair care.

1. Bentonite Clay

best bentonite clay for hair

Bentonite clay is made out of aged ash found in volcanos. Though named after Fort Benton, Montana, it can be found all over the world.

Bentonite clay has been used on hair and skin for thousands of years. In recent times, it is used in a wide variety of cosmetic applications.

Bentonite clay expands and then absorbs excess oil, dirt, and toxins out of hair and skin.

This is my favorite kind of clay for hair. Best bentonite clay for hair recommendations include:-

Best cleansing clay for hair
Actcoco Indian Healing Clay

Actcoco Indian Healing Clay

For bentonite clay recipes for hair, read Best Natural Alternative to Traditional Shampoo.

2. Ghassoul (Moroccan Clay)

best rhassoul clay for hair

This clay originates from Morocco and was used traditionally in North Africa and the Middle East for hair and skin care.

It is extracted via underground mine shafts found deep within the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Ghassoul is aka Tfal in Tunisia.

Ghassoul has saponification properties i.e. it has the ability to foam up. Its absorption properties are even better than bentonite clay.

This is my second favorite clay to use on my hair. Depending on the brand of bentonite clay I buy, I also like mixing the two.

Best ghassoul clay recommendations for hair include:-

Poppy Austin Rhassoul Clay

Poppy Austin Rhassoul Clay

3. Kaolin Clay

best Kaolin Clay for hair

Kaolin clay is produced by the chemical weathering of aluminum silicate minerals.

Kaolin clay is aka china clay and white clay. It has a soft fine texture and is typically white but sometimes it can be pink, yellow, green, or orange.

This color depends on where the clay is found or what other natural materials are added to it.

White kaolin clay is the mildest clay. It is the best kind of clay for sensitive skin.

Best kaolin clay recommendations for skin include:-

Healthvit Kaolin Clay Powder

Healthvit Kaolin Clay Powder

4. Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) Clay

best Multani Mitti for hair

Multani mitti clay is derived from decomposed volcanic ash. Traditionally, the clay was used by fullers for cleaning wool hence the name fuller’s earth.

This clay is also best used on skin instead of hair. It is especially beneficial for oily skin.

Best multani mitti clay recommendations for skin include:-


Best Nature’s Cosmetic Multani Mitti Clay

Best Clay for Hair

Based on the breakdown above, the best clay for hair is obviously bentonite clay and ghassoul clay.

You can use either of the two or mix equal parts depending on how your hair reacts to it.

If you have any other questions about using clay on hair, you can ask in the comments section.

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best brands of cleansing clay for hair

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