How to Eat Organic on a Budget in Dubai

In a world where we read a lot of alarming things about chemicals in food products, GE (genetically engineered) and GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods, it has become imperative to pay attention to where our food comes from.

GMO foods are created by combining the DNA of different species (cross-breeding) in a way that isn’t natural through genetic engineering aka genetic modification and genetic manipulation

Investing in organic farmed produce, free of harmful chemicals with all its nutrients retained is a smart choice for personal health and the environment.

Top 10 tips for going organic without going broke

5 Reasons Organic Produce is Better

  1. Organic food tastes better. They’re nurtured for taste rather than appearance.
  2. Organic food is free of additives. It’s grown in a well-balanced, chemical-free environment.
  3. Food grown organically has retained all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  4. Organic farming supports the ecosystem, preserves the land, wildlife and organisms, protecting the environment for the generations that come after us.
  5. Buying organic supports independent small-scale farmers.

Having said all that, organic food doesn’t come cheap and can get expensive real quick if everything you buy is organic.

In that case, how does one eat organically and still sustain a healthy wallet? 

Top 10 Tips for Going Organic Without Breaking the Bank

1. Comparison Shop

Compare costs between several organic shops and farms. Prices usually vary greatly and sometimes, you can get things cheaper if you buy in bulk.

2. Get Creative With Your Menu

Create your menu around items that can be used across multiple dishes.

3. Check All Options

Canned organic foods are also available and sometimes, they are cheaper than the fresh or frozen version.

4. Prioritize Your Shopping List

Every item in your pantry doesn’t have to be organic. There are some things you can buy generic like herbs, grains and onions.

The most important organic foods are meat, fish, poultry, cheese, milk, vegetables and some fruits.

5. Go to the Source

You can also buy directly from the farmers to save money. You can find them at farmer’s markets or community markets.

6. Multiple Rinse Non-Organic Items

When you buy non-organic conventional foods, peel away the outer layer and skin and quadruple rinse them before use.

7. Look Out for Discount Days

Some of the organic stores in Dubai have discounts on specific days every week/month. There are also organic markets in some parks that offer food at a discount.

8. Grow Your Own

If you’re up for it, you can grow some of your own organic produce at home. A few things here and there like herbs, vegetables and some fruits can make a big difference.

9. Buy Seasonal Options

Eat foods that are in season. They are usually cheaper and you can freeze them for when they are out of season.

10. Buy Bulk Items

Consider buying food in bulk when they are in season and freezing them for use later on. Buying foods out of season is super expensive.

Where Can You Find Organic Produce?

The list keeps growing everyday and below is a cross-section of places where I have shopped for food items at one point or the other:

If you are an organic store and would like to be included in the list above, please get in touch with me HERE.

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