How to Drink Your Way to Clearer Brighter Skin with Lemon Water

The lemon is a powerhouse fruit full of vitamin C. It is also a significant source of calcium, potassium, and pectin with traces of iron and vitamin A.

It’s a citrus fruit with the inner flesh divided into 8 – 10 segments. The taste is tart and acidic and can be a bit unpleasant to consume as it is.

However, it can be used in cooking and in a variety of other ways for health and fitness benefits.

5 Reasons Why You Need Vitamin C for Better Skin

5 Reasons Why You Need Vitamin C for Better Skin?

  1. Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and shields skin from free radical damage.
  2. It reduces the appearance of sun damage.
  3. It boosts collagen production.
  4. It also helps to detox your body, flush out toxins over a period of time and aid the digestive system in eliminating waste.
  5. Lemons maintain the pH levels in your body, which is reflected, in clear and glowing skin.

How to Begin a Lemon Water Diet

This is a simple process. Get a 1 to 2 liter bottle or a fruit infuser, add in 1 – 2 slices of lemon, fill with water and drink throughout the day.

When the bottle is empty, you can refill and continue drinking. No need to change the lemon slices.

Try this every day for 7 days and watch your body optimize itself.

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Can Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight?

An additional benefit of drinking lemon water is it can assist with weight loss. Lack of vitamin C can hinder losing body fat.

Consuming lemon water will get enough vitamin C into your body. Additionally, it can jump-start your metabolism and keep you energised.

However, drinking lemon water alone will not lead to weight loss. A change in your diet and exercise regimen is also required.

What Are The Side Effects of Drinking Lemon Water?

An alternative way people consume lemon water is by squeezing the juice into a glass of water and drinking it every morning.

This can lead to tooth erosion and heartburn. Adding 1 to 2 slices of lemon in a large bottle of water will help to combat this as the acidity is less concentrated.

Apart from this, there are no known major side effects of drinking lemon water. However, if you feel discomfort, stop consuming, and consult your physician.

As with all things, practice moderation. Excessive consumption will not help you lose weight or produce baby clear skin faster.

Below is a picture of my usual lemon water bottle. I consume about 1½ bottles of this every day and my skin has never looked better.

How to Drink Your Way to Clearer Brighter Skin with Lemon Water

You can get a water bottle similar to mine HERE. Do you drink lemon water? Let us know in the comments section.

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