Have You Tried Amazon Global Store?

Sometimes, it’s not always possible to find the items you need locally, which necessitates ordering from abroad.

I’ve used iHerb to order products previously with satisfactory results.

Have You Tried Amazon Global Store. best deals and international shipping made easy

However, I recently discovered the world of Amazon Global Store. I had heard of it before but I always assumed the shipping rates would be exorbitant and not worth the cost.

On the quest for something I badly needed a few weeks ago, I decided to look more closely at the Amazon Global Store option.

What is Amazon Global Store?

You’re already familiar with Amazon, the online shipping giant in the US. They also bought the local souq.com last year.

Amazon global shipping platform provides an avenue to order products from over 100 countries and regions around the world.

Back to my desperately searching story. I saw this item I’d been looking for forever on Amazon.

It was on sale and also included free shipping with VAT prepaid. I ordered it fully expecting to receive it in 2 – 3 weeks.

To my amazement, I received a call from DHL 2 days later asking where I would like the item delivered. 2 days!

Super excited, I went back on Amazon and ordered a few other beauty items I needed.

These items weren’t on sale but the cost and shipping were still competitive.

If I’d ordered above a certain amount though, I would have received free shipping.

2 days later, DHL delivered my items. I had been looking for one of these items for ages by the way!

Why Order From Amazon Global Store?


I loved the recyclable packaging. My items were also packed securely so there wasn’t a chance of leakage or damage.

Check out the package my two orders came in below:-

Amazon Global Store. Shop internationally at great prices with Amazon global

,amazon international shopping for all your hair, health and beauty needs at bargain prices

Price Point

As I mentioned earlier, I found the product prices and shipping cost quite competitive.

I’m a helluva bargain hunter so you know I crosschecked with 50 other places before I made the orders. You can view standard shipping rates HERE.

Offers, Deals & Promotions

There are always several offers, deals, and promotions available and they are updated every day.

I didn’t pay full price for any of the items I ordered. If something you want isn’t on offer, add it to your cart and keep an eye on it for a few days.

A promotion for it might pop up.

You Don’t Need a US Mailing Address

This was one of the issues I had with ordering my beauty products. They all cancelled my orders because I didn’t have a US mailing address.

This doesn’t apply with Amazon Global or iHerb fortunately so my order went through immediately.

What Countries is Amazon Available In?

You can order from Amazon US from over 100 countries. You can see a full list of countries they ship to HERE.

Amazon Global Shipping Rates

I found the shipping rates comparable to other places and in some cases, better. You can view their standard global shipping rates HERE.

If there’s something you really need but is available only in the US, then I highly recommend Amazon Global. They have definitely found a fan in me.

I am currently eyeing an Instant Pot and Cosori Multifunctional Pressure Cooker for my end of year treat.

See what items can be ordered and shipped globally on the Amazon global Store HERE.

This isn’t a sponsored post by the way. I just really wanted to share the good news with my readers. Happy shopping!

,amazon international shopping for all your hair, health and beauty needs at bargain prices


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